Standard Specifications

  • Model
  • Cutoff
  • Web Width

  • Maximum Paper Roll Diameter
  • Speed
  • Stock Handler
  • Blanket Cylinder
  • Plate Cylinder
  • Inking System
  • Ink control
  • Dampening System
  • 508mm, 533mm, 546mm, 560mm, 578mm
  • 813mm(508mm cut-off), 914mm(others)
  • 1100mm
  • 30,000 Copies Per Hour
  • 40-80 gsm
  • Conventional Blanket with T type lock up
  • Narrow gap, tool less plate lock up
  • Undershot film Inking
  • Manual / Motorised with tracking
  • Motorised brush dampening

Standard Features

Perfecting Printing Unit(1+1) Mono Colour.

  • Rigid construction, 50 mm thickness side frame of graded casting with plain wall on gear and operating side.
  • Bearer to bearer plate and blanket cylinders.
  • Blanket cylinders mounted on tapper roller bearing.
  • Hardened and ground helical and spur gears.
  • Oscillation gear box housed in steel casting.
  • Stainless steel pan roller, brush shaft and dampener tray.
  • Plate cylinder with pin register.
  • Pneumatic controls for ink, dampener and impression ON/OFF.
  • Centralized and motorized lubricating system.
Reel Stand
  • Integrated reel stand.
  • Pneumatic disc brake.
  • Hydraulic trolley for lifting and handling of paper roll.
  • Pneumatic core shaft.
  • Web guide rollers mounted on eccentric bush.

Technical Features

  • The transfer system consists of the swing-down front lay, the swing-down gripper and transfer cylinder, which ensures adequate positioning time and stability of paper delivery with high-speed.
  • Equipped with world advanced frequency conversion timing, high precision helical gears and Japanese quality bearings fulfil efficient automatic control, steady well working, and quality prints.
  • The plate cylinder can be adjusted in the circumferential direction and lateral direction.
  • Water fountain roller driven by a separate motor fulfils perfect water feeding, achieve the quick ink-water balance and reduce paper consumption.
  • The application of pneumatic technology to the press is one of the press characteristics. Air cylinder for water form roller throw-off mechanism and air cylinder for ink form roller throw-off mechanism are accomplished with Pneumatically-operated valves.
  • The plate is mounted by using the register pin arrangement, which can shorten time of install and check plates.
  • There is a special lubrication system on the driven side, which can lubricate gear in high-speed running and take away the heat when the gears mesh, and can send auto-alarm signal when there is not enough oil in pump.
  • The whole machine is controlled by PLC with the function of automatic stop if paper jam.
  • The whole machine is controlled by PLC with the function of automatic stop if paper jam.